memories of summer knitting

The author knitting a swatch in organic linen, Sparrow while overlooking Balsam Lake in Ontario, Canada

I was six years old when I learned to knit. I don’t remember if I asked to be taught, or if it was simply taught to me as an antidote to boredom. We were barreling into the depths of summer up north at our cottage in Canada. At this point, I had become rather tired of all the swimming, fishing, boat rides, picking wildflowers and long walks; essentially, bored of all the things I so deeply cherish today as an adult!

And so one day, under the glorious summer sun, my (very patient) mom taught me to knit. A seed of fascination had already been planted as I had been watching her knit daily. I was  mesmerized by the way her hands moved, yarn whipping around at blurred speed, audible gasps when stitches were dropped or counts were off, but she would always persevere and before I knew it, a knitted garment would magically appear. 

From the day my first stitches were cast on, I was all aboard the knitting train. Maybe it made me feel grown-up, or maybe it truly was an antidote to summer burn-out! Regardless, I loved the feeling of creating something. My early creations were truly somethings, little knitted bits of mystery that I took great pride in. 

Perhaps this is why summertime is my favorite season to knit. Memories of knitting alongside my mom on our cottage porch, listening to the birds sing, watching the boats on the water, with each stitch soaking up every ounce of the long days of light. 

In celebration of fellow summertime knitters, I share with you a round-up of my top 5 favorite cotton and linen knits from summers past. 

From left to right: Mira by Elizabeth SmithPatti by Pam Allen, and Perimeter by Nora Gaughan.

Mira by Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth's open tee is a great layering piece for summer. The oversized shape and relaxed gauge aim for maximum drape, which is then compounded by eyelets and garter stitch. Knit in organic linen, Kestrel.

Patti by Pam Allen

Soft, simple, and summer stripes! Patti features a traditional fit, open boat neck, long sleeves, and simple unfinished edges, resulting in a clean and modern cotton pullover. Knit in organic cotton, Willet.

Perimeter by Norah Gaughan

This epic summer scarf is an ode to the 70s trend of skinny scarves. A long rectangle, made open and light with eyelet finishing with delicate twisted fringe. Knit in organic linen, Sparrow.

From left to right: Shana by Hanna Maciejewska, and Kestrel Scrunchie by Ine Rufaidah.

Shana by Hanna Maciejewska

Worked from the top-down, Hanna’s stunning design features elegant cables along the yoke, reminiscent of botanical patterns. A perfect piece to be worn for a summer picnic! Knit in organic cotton, Whimbrel.

Kestrel Scrunchie by Ine Rufaidah

A super fun, quick and easy project to keep your hair neatly tied back during those hot summer days. We love this pattern so much, we are giving it to you for FREE! Knit in organic linen, Kestrel.

Happy summer knitting!

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