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September 14, 2018

This week's been a celebration of our squishy and soft Aran weight wool, Osprey, the third spotlight of our Core Wool 2018 ebook. This cushy beauty, like its three-ply cousin Chickadee, creates a slight texture, and is wonderful in sculptural cables, etched motifs, and soothing garter. As you'll see.

We love the nature of the arrow stitch on Whitney Hayward's Fluting cowl, out this week. Meditative, precise, and also soft and squishable. This version's a quickie, on the neck and under the jacket in no time. Shown in Glacier.

Garter stitch and Osprey are a match made in knitterly heaven. Paulina Popiolek's clever lattice in Meander (shown in Delft) floats over the cushy garter field in the very best way.

In the long version of Fluting, the stitch pattern becomes more reminiscent of wheat. Shown here in Fjord.

left to right: Fluting (short version) by Whitney Hayward, Meander by Paulina Popiolek, Fluting (long version) by Whitney Hayward

squishy cables

Melissa Schaschwary's Vindaloo shawl from our Spice collection (published in fall 2017) shows squeezable Osprey in deep, warm Barolo. A smooth stockinette body makes the wide lace-and-cable border pop.

Hannah Fettig gave us the Waverly cowl alongside the release of her latest book, Texture, in January 2017. Osprey (shown here in Canvas) paired with this allover cable pattern makes for some serious tactile magic.

From our very first Scarves, etc collection in winter 2012, Beth Weaver's February Scarf, shown here in Marsh, is an ample wrap with braid-like cables and deep ribbing at each end. Clearly a huggable piece of knitting.

left to right: Vindaloo by Melissa Schaschwary, Waverly by Hannah Fettig, February Scarf by Beth Weaver

squishy garments

Honeymaker, designed by Leah B. Thibault and shown here in classic Clay, was published in April 2013. The sweet honeycomb cables, ¾-length sleeves, and open shawl collar make this piece so cushy and cozy.

Gabrielle, the woolen and winterized sister of Leila Raabe's Deschain, published in late 2017, is shown here in Smoke. This sample got quite a bit of wear around the office this winter…Osprey's soft and plump plies accentuate the garter ridges in the center panel, while the drape of Kestrel in the summer version makes the eyelets more prominent.

From Pam Allen's winter 2014 book Home, the Maggie Cardigan maximizes the cush factor with reverse Stockinette stitch and etched twisted branch motifs. Cozy pockets, roomy sleeves…this piece is the ultimate in squishy comfort. Shown here in Iceland.

left to right: Honeymaker by Leah B. Thibault, Gabrielle by Leila RaabeMaggie Cardigan by Pam Allen

squishy home

From her collection Wool Baby, published in fall 2015, Melissa LaBarre offered up Elmer, shown here in cheery Apricot. The sweet lace leaf and rib motif pops right out of its garter stitch frame in plump Osprey.

Pam's September Pillow, published in our inaugural year in 2010, features bold columns of zig-zagged ribs on a reverse stockinette stitch field.

The Camilla Blanket, the final of the Camilla series from Carrie Bostick Hoge (see also the sweater versions, for adult, child, and babe), was published in June 2013, and is shown here in Clay. The bear claw motif on a garter background is so well suited to this soft and sculptural yarn.  

left to right: Elmer by Melissa LaBarreSeptember Pillow by Pam AllenCamilla Blanket by Carrie Bostick Hoge

Osprey's decadent softness, bounce, and stitch definition in such a wide-ranging palette keep us coming back again and again! We hope you love our faves as much as we do. View all of our Osprey patterns here.

Next week, we turn to the next of our 100% wool, 100% American-made wool yarns for Core Wool 2018: Finch. This one's all about colorwork. Purchase the ebook now, and in addition to Fluting and Meander (plus Dale, Ridge, Dune, and Etchplain from our earlier focus on Lark and Chickadee) you'll be the first to receive the ebook installment with two new patterns we have coming your way next week. Sign up for our e-letter for first announcements.

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