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We've been busy putting the finishing touches on our next Piper collection, which is headed your way next week! (If you haven't yet signed up for our e-letter, join us and be the first to get our latest announcements.)

Whenever we approach the finish line of readying new patterns for release, we're compelled to pause for a moment to look back over previous collections and savor our favorites from years past.

Below, a small selection of pretty Piper patterns we especially love:

Piper shawls: Celia, Vignette, and Palmetto

Sara Kay Hartmann’s Celia (above, left) from our Crochet 2016 collection is so pretty in peach-pink Pampa. We love the open mesh and sawtooth border on this shawl.

Vignette (above, center) in lavender-gray Abilene, was one of Paulina Popiolek’s designs for Shawls 2017. Meditative garter meets a substantial (and gorgeous!) lace border.

Another Paulina Popiolek shawl design from her mini collection, Summer Ebbs: The strong lines and subtle waves in Palmetto's (above, right) open lace border sing in our deep grape shade, Laredo. 

Piper sweaters: Watershed, April, and May

Bristol Ivy's Watershed (above, left) from Piper 2017 is perfect in Lone Oak, one of our favorite shades. Piper's slight halo smooths out the allover texture, making these cables wearable year round.

Isabell Kraemer's April (above, center) from Piper 2016, has such a classic fit. We love the wide, high neckline, the bracelet-length sleeves, and the delicate lace, made especially pretty in our pale green San Angelo.

Another one of our Piper 2016 pieces, Bristol Ivy's May cardi (above, right), features brioche, which is absolutely stunning in our little lace weight bird. We love this sleeveless shell in Lone Oak. 

San Angelo beauties: Leilani, Estuary, Reiko

Speaking of San Angelo, it's a shade that quite captured Pam's eye once we put Piper into the world, as she chose this color for many designs we've published in this yarn: Julie Blagojevich's Leilani (above, left) from Crochet 2016, beautiful in this palest of gray-greens.

In Dawn Catanzaro's Estuary (above, center) from Piper 2017, San Angelo is perfect for a lacy flyaway cardi.

And lastly, Melanie Berg's Reiko (above, right) from Shawls 2017 is also gorgeous in San Angelo, the leaf motif so fitting for spring.

Piper is a delightful yarn to work with—soft and light, and, as evidenced by the patterns above, equally suited to knitting or crochet—and just so perfect for the oft-erratic shifts from cold to warm and back again, between the seasons. When you just need that little something special to keep warm in.

See you next week with our newest crop of Piper pretties...

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