Quince Quarterly Happenings

A lot of planning and a lot of heart and love for our customers go into the Quince Quarterly subscription. Our main goal is to surprise and delight our knitters with sweet projects, soft yarn in irresistible colors, and extra goodies. We have fun picking the palettes for each project, and dreaming up ideas for the little extras. It's exciting for us to see our subscribers opening their boxes, posting updates on works in progress, and proudly showing off their FOs. Here's a roundup of photos from Ravelry and Instagram that show how Quince Quarterly is taking off!




Want to know more about Quince Quarterly? Check out our FAQs, plus levels one and two to get a taste of what it's all about.

Are you in for Summer Twenty Nineteen? Our next installment of Quince Quarterly will be shipping soon—and we'll be hosting a new unboxing contest over on Instagram. Stay tuned if you'd like to play along and win fun prizes, and make sure to sign up for our e-letter for important announcements.


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