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We are just smitten with our new Tern colors. These three glossy, deep shades—stunning navy Ink, gray Shoals, and red Atolla—we can't get enough of staring at the skeins and squishing them for inappropriately long periods of time, imagining the many ways in which they could be worked up…

And of course, we love our older designs, so re-imagining them in any crop of new shades that come in is always a fun exercise. Here are some pieces we'd love to see in one of our new Tern beauties.


Noriko Ho's Aviary cowl appeared in our Scarves, etc 4 collection, published in late winter 2015. Shown here in Driftwood and Dusk, replacing either one of these colors with warm-gray Shoals would be stunning.

The following winter, we published Ann Klimpert's design, Bradford, in our Scarves, etc 5 collection, shown here in Syrah. We can see the simple stitch pattern taking on an understated elegance in Shoals.

Our Crochet 2016 collection featured this cowl, Grande Isle by Ashlyn Holmes, in jewel-toned Aventurine. But in deep granite Shoals, it would look seriously lovely.

left to right: Tern Shoals, Aviary by Noriko Ho, Bradford by Ann Klimpert, Grande Isle by Ashlyn Holmes


This past fall, we included Stella Ackroyd's sweet Gathering shawl in our Scarves, etc 7 collection, shown here in deep grape-purple Tyrian. We think it's not a far leap to imagine it in ruby-red Atolla.

The short rows and eyelets in Veera Välimäki's Crescent Phases, which we published July 2014, would sing in Atolla. Worked up originally in Wheeler Bay, it's a piece that perfectly complements a deep, vibrant shade.

We published Rebecca Velasquez's Haiku shawl at the tail end of 2012 in classic Stonington. The lace of this crocheted shawl would be gorgeous in eye-catching Atolla.

left to right: Tern Atolla, Gathering by Stella Ackroyd, Crescent Phases by Veera Välimäki, Haiku by Rebecca Velasquez


For our Tern 2017 collection, published in August of that year, Pam Allen designed Savoy, a cropped, open cardi with roomy sleeves. Originally worked up in Basalt, we think it would be amazing in midnight-blue Ink.

Breezy is Hannah Fettig's classic open, drape-front, top-down raglan, included in her first Quince collection Knitbot Essentials, which we launched in March 2012. We think this very popular cardi would be equally as dramatic in Ink as in its original shade, Barnacle.

Isabell Kraemer gave us Carina for our Tern 2016 collection, published in late summer of that year. Shown in warm Terra Cotta, it's fun to imagine this sweet, deep-V raglan in shimmery, deep Ink.

left to right: Tern Ink, Savoy by Pam Allen, Breezy by Hannah Fettig, Carina by Isabell Kraemer


How will you use these new Tern colors? For more inspiration, find all of our Tern patterns here.

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