heavenly phoebe

Our five newest shades of luxurious Phoebe are here! If you're wondering what to do with them…we have a few ideas…

luxurious shawls

We released Isabell Kraemer's Euclid at the end of November 2018, shown here in Jupiter. Imagine the honeycomb look of the lattice in warm Sol! Nothing like basking in the golden glow of our home star, even on a dreary day.

Palmatum, shown here in smoldering Mars, was one of Hanna Maciejewska's contributions to the Scarves, etc 7 collection published in October 2018. What about mellowing out this design with watery Luna? We can see the palest of pale grey-blue cables as moonlit rivulets traveling along the shoreline, sculpting the sand.

left to right: Euclid by Isabell Kraemer, Phoebe Sol, Phoebe Luna, Palmatum by Hanna Maciejewska

cozy essentials

Our lone Phoebe sweater design, Dawn Catanzaro's Iris, published in April 2016 and shown here in Saturn, would be so sweet in whisper-soft Juno. This icy blue gives off the slightest hint of lavender, and would be a subtle beauty on this piece.

Bright orange socks are vitamin C for the winter-weary soul. Here we envision Bristol Ivy's Sunday River socks, published in fall 2016 as part of our Lodge collection (and shown here also in Saturn), in bright, fiery Vesta. Try to get annoyed about being cooped up inside wearing these…we dare you.

left to right: Iris by Dawn Catanzaro, Phoebe Juno, Phoebe Vesta, Sunday River by Bristol Ivy

cool accessories

Here in the Quince office…on any given day, at least one of us is wearing black from head to toe. We are huge fans of the dark neutrals around here. And wouldn't we love to see Hadfield, Pam Allen's simple fisherman's rib hat, and our inaugural Phoebe pattern published also in April 2016, worked up in shadowy Chiron. Yes—we absolutely would.

And…we do love the sun, too, really. Lori Kaake's Embrace, published in early 2017 as part of Scarves, etc 6, originally worked up in deep blue Neptune, would shine in cheery Sol. It would make the bee stitch border pop right off the fabric.

left to right: Hadfield by Pam Allen, Phoebe Chiron, Phoebe Sol, Embrace by Lori Kaake 

We hope this whets your appetite for trying out one (or several) of our newest crop of Phoebe colors! To see all of our design offerings in Phoebe, go here.

In addition, we absolutely adore this design by Rie, from Amirisu issue 12, this one from Norah Gaughan, and this one by Shannon Cook, from Making issue 3. Hooray for Phoebe!


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