avalon color ideas

We love Allie's Avalon tee! The subtlety and simplicity of the woven strands and stripe details combined with light and soft Piper and a ton of positive ease...just makes it so tempting to picking up the needles and cast on. 

We keep looking at our Piper colors, new and established, and are having fun with dreaming up alternative color combinations for this sweet piece. We hope this gives you a taste of the seemingly endless potential for your own color play in this sweater. 

Of course, the original, Abilene (MC) and Avocet (CC), is gorgeous. 

But what about...

Quanah, with Bandera:

Blanco, with Vega:

Bandera, with San Antonio:

Vega, with Caracara:

Lone Oak, with Coldspring:

Austin, with Laredo:

Or Guadalupe, with Coldspring:

Try it yourself! Find our complete Piper palette here. Our handy "compare colors" tool makes this really simple and fun :)

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