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Here at Quince we have marls on our minds.

Earlier this week we released three new marls for fingering weight linen Sparrow: Rille, Rosa Mundi, and Sea Salt.

We love marls for the expansion of options they can bring to a palette, introducing extra texture for the eye to take in. With our three newest shades, we chose to twist two existing colors of Sparrow in each, giving instant compatibility with current colors: Sans and Lunar in Sea Salt, Port and Viburnum to make Rosa Mundi, and Eclipse with Moon for Rille.

New Sparrow marls Sea Salt, Rosa Mundi, and Rille

As always, we love looking back over patterns from previous years and dream up ways to work new colors into older favorites.

Some of our personal favs below:

from Linen Noir: Cullum, Gilead, and Raven

Cullum by Isabell Kraemer has just the right amount of eyelet details to create a beautifully simple summer top—this would look amazing in Sea Salt.

Gilead, with its twisted stitch diamond panel and easy dolman fit, would look great in a dark marl like Rille.

And Melissa LaBarre's Raven is practically begging to be knit in pretty Rosa Mundi.


colorful linen: Gillespie, Snell, and Dubro

Cecily Glowik MacDonald's Gillespie pullover would be fantastic in a dark marl like Rille, as would Snell by Leah B. Thibault—both, from Linen Verdant, are beautifully understated knits that allows yarn characteristics to take center stage.

A striped beauty like michiyo's Dubro would be the perfect choice for mixing marl with solid—Rille with Moon Stripes, Viburnum with Rosa Mundi stripes, Sea Salt with crisp Lunar stripes...the list goes on and on.

from Sparrow 2016: Zara, Amalia, and Aila

Dianna Walla's modern Zara tee is an easy choice for combining marl with solid—or even two marls (Rosa Mundi or Rille with Sea Salt as the accent would look phenomenal).

Sea Salt would also be lovely in fluttery Amalia, and Isabell Kraemer's Aila in Rille would look like liquid stone.

It's so much fun to think about the possibilities of using marls in any of these lovely designs!

soft Sparrow marls: Conch, Frond, Surf, Mica, and Mineral

Last year the first of our marled Sparrow shades made their debut, and we loved them so much we decided to make them the focus of our 2018 collection—which is ready to be unveiled, beginning this Monday. These quiet marls are solid shades twisted with undyed natural Sans, creating the subtlest, softest linen colors. We can't wait to show you what we've whipped up with them!

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