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July 21, 2020

Making a bag can be so satisfying. Work the last few bits, weave in the ends, block, and then lovingly place all manner of treasures within: A new (or favorite) book, a journal, a snack for long walks, a gift for a friend, or a few things picked up at the store. And of course, the basics: Wallet, keys, phone, extra mask, hand sanitizer, sunglasses. Water. Sunscreen!

Whatever you like to put in your bag, we've got some sweet options here, large and small. Many of these were designed when Sparrow made its first appearance back at the beginning of Quince life, when we had just the undyed Sans. And, most of these were designed by Quince's founder and first Creative Director, Pam Allen. Maybe you remember how quickly it sold out the first time, and how we patiently for the next shipment to slowly make its way across the Atlantic. How lovely to think that now Sparrow comes in 29 solid and 8 marled shades.

We appreciate plant fibers for knitted bags—especially linen—because you can potentially throw them in the washing machine (make sure you test the relationship between your machines and your swatch first though pretty please!!!) They are strong and sturdy and won't interact badly with friction or elements.

Dear reader, I hope your summer is infused with health, care, rest, sweetness, and connection. And making.

Rue Mouffetard and friends

Rue Mouffetard was designed by Pam Allen and published in April 2011. It is a simple bag, worked in the round for the most part, with a wide strap. Shown in Sans.

Artichoke, also designed by Pam and published in summer 2015, is similar to Rue Mouffetard, but narrower and shallower, and there's a bit of color blocking, so…a little extra fun element there. Shown in Truffle and Little Fern.

In our Linen Remix collection, slowly released over March and April of this year, included not one, not two, but three new versions of the original Rue Mouffetard bag: Morse, a version in Kestrel (with stripes! Shown here in Whelk and Lira) and Popham, a crocheted version of the bag that comes in both Sparrow (shown in Chicory) and Kestrel (shown in Senza).

left to right: Rue Mouffetard by Pam Allen, Artichoke by Pam Allen, Morse, Popham in Sparrow, Popham in Kestrel by Quince & Co Pattern Team

All creatures great and small (and multi-stranded)

Dejeuner, also published in April 2011, and shown in Sans, is a pretty mesh bag, perfect if you're just toting say, a towel and a swim suit. Or, as the name suggests, your lunch. An easily memorized stitch pattern—worked double-stranded throughout—spirals up from the provisional cast on, which is folded and joined with a three-needle bind off to form the bottom of the bag. Stitches are picked up and cast on around the top edge of the bag to form the straps.

In the same group with Dejeuner and Rue Mouffetard, Pam designed Le Petit Sac, really just fits the bare, bare essentials, for when you are finding yourself short on pockets. The fabric almost looks like crochet! The strap is worked separately and attached to the bag in the finishing. Shown in Sans.

Dawn Catanzaro offered up the Cherie purse in our cleaner cotton Willet for our cotton collection in 2018. A hint of a lace motif, a double-layered fabric, and an adjustable strap make this a sweet little spot for things picked up along the way, or a small sketchbook for cataloging things best left where they are. Shown in Polaris.

Lastly, this bag, Highmoor, published as part of the Sparrow Sans collection in 2014, was worked with three strands of Sparrow (in Sans) held together. The effect is lovely! This spring we updated Highmoor with Fox Island, worked in Kestrel (just one strand), and in several colors of stripes. Choose your own adventure in our pretty Kestrel palette.

left to right: Dejeuner by Pam Allen, Le Petit Sac by Pam Allen, Cherie by Dawn Catanzaro, Highmoor by Pam Allen, Fox Island by Quince Pattern Team

Well enjoy friends, take care of each other in every way possible, and look out for what we have coming up next by signing up to receive our email updates.

Much love,


P.S. We are having a giveaway! Comment below to win the knitted sample of the Highmoor Bag, Le Petit Sac, the Cherie Purse, or the Artichoke Bag. We will choose four winners at random from the comments here and on our Instagram!

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