Tip Tuesday: A Love Letter To Yarn Bowls

Welcome back to Tip Tuesday, where we explore ways to make your stitching process smoother. Today, we're unraveling the importance of yarn bowls! 

If you've ever found yourself untangling yarn or frustrated by runaway cakes, then a yarn bowl might just be your new best friend. But are yarn bowls worth it? Here’s why we think they deserve a place in your stitching toolbox.

What are Yarn Bowls?

Yarn bowls are precisely what they sound like—bowls designed specifically for holding your yarn while you work on your project. To use them simply place your yarn in the bowl and pull the working thread through the spiral, hole, or curved opening in the side of the bowl. This opening prevents your yarn from popping out. 

Yarn bowls work best with cakes of yarn however balls of yarn will work as well. Skeins however, do not work with yarn bowls, so you will have to cake your yarn before use.

Yarn bowls come in various shapes, designs, and sizes, but the principle remains the same: they keep your yarn tidy. 

They are one of the few stitching tools that work the same way across all yarn crafts! A yarn bowl can improve your making process, no matter your stitch craft of choice. 

The Benefits 

1. Keep Your Yarn Clean: Say goodbye to dusty, fuzzy yarn balls rolling around your floor. Yarn bowls shield your fibers from pet hair, dust, and other debris that could unintentionally wind up in your finished object. 

Listen, we’re all human and life happens. It’s hard to keep your home spotless at all times. A yarn bowl protects your yarn from everyday messes.

2. Maintain Even Tension: Consistent tension is the secret sauce of every successful knitting or crochet project. With a yarn bowl, you can guarantee that your yarn will unravel evenly as you work. 

By allowing your yarn to unravel at a steady pace, yarn bowls contribute to making smoother, more uniform stitches.

3. Protect Delicate Yarns: The smooth to the touch and often glossy interiors of yarn bowls prevent your yarns from snagging on sharp objects and rough edges around your home. 
Let's debunk a common misconception about yarn bowls. While you might think any object around the house like a bowl or basket could work in place of a yarn bowl, it’s important to note that yarn bowls are specifically designed with yarn in mind. Their smooth interiors are built for yarn to glide over them with ease.

4. Organize Colorwork Projects: If you’re tackling a two-stranded colorwork project your yarn bowls are here to save the day. By keeping your yarns separate and tangle-free, they ensure a seamless crafting experience without the frustration of untangling knots mid-project.

Note: if you’d like to keep your yarns in one yarn bowl you can do that too! Just make sure that your yarns have enough space in the bowl to unravel evenly. If this is your preferred method of working then a wide yarn bowl might be the choice for you!

5. Avoid The Next Great Yarn Chase: Your cat might be sad about this one…but yarn bowls keep your yarn securely in place, preventing it from rolling away when you're cozy in your stitching spot. 

Choosing the Perfect Yarn Bowl

Beyond their practical uses, yarn bowls double up as decorative pieces! They allow you to add your personal aesthetic to your in progress yarn project. With their wide range of designs it’s easier than ever to find one that fits your home decor like a glove. 

When selecting a yarn bowl, choose a size based on the average weights of the yarns that are currently in your stash. If you use bulky weight yarns or larger yardage put ups, then a wider or deeper yarn bowl might be best for you.

It’s also important to consider the weight of the yarn bowl itself. Ceramic yarn bowls ensure it has enough heft to withstand curious pets or playful kiddos knocking into it.

Lastly, Maintenance Tips
Before you start stitching, remember to wipe them clean in between projects.

This simple step prevents dust, dye, or fuzz residue from previous finished objects from transferring onto your next one.

That wraps up today's Tip Tuesday. Let us know in the comments what you’d like to learn more about next and stay tuned for more crafting tips and tricks!

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