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We've all been there. We come across something out there in the digital ether that makes us want to drop everything and cast on. Sometimes those compelling pieces are one-offs—a piece that someone made without a pattern and, quite often, without pattern-writing in mind. Sometimes, we approach the maker to see if they would be interested in creating a pattern so that we (and you) can drop everything and cast on.

Our newest release is a terrific example of this: Olga Rych's Apex hat, knitted in Owl, first spied on Instagram, and now, a new pattern available from Quince.

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The published version differs from the original with a ribbed hem, trimmed in the contrasting color for that extra little pop of detail.

We love Apex for its simple, stunning colorwork—those traveling triangles swirling up to the crown are done just right, using two toasty-warm Owl shades, capped off perfectly with a pompom. We hope you love it, too.

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