Tuesday Tip: Boho Pom Pom Curtain Ties Home Decor

Tuesday Tip: Boho Pom Pom Curtain Ties Home Decor

Pom poms are the project that keeps on giving. They are fun to make and can be used in a myriad of ways. Whether adding a playful garnish to your knits or creating standalone DIYs, the uses for pom poms are limitless. 

Today, we'll walk you through a quick home decor project that's also the perfect way to bring a burst of color to your space. This Boho Curtain Tie is a few-minute craft that makes a big impact.  


Tuesday Tip: Boho Pom Pom Curtain Ties Home Decor

Materials You’ll Need:

  • NOT QUITE LARK: For a solid color pom pom, you’ll need one skein, but feel free to experiment with color combinations. Pom poms can look drastically different just based on how you wrap them. So have fun!

  • Pom Pom Maker: We’re using the MACARON POM MAKER from Pom Maker.

  • Large Eye Embroidery Needle.

  • Craft Beads: Ensure they have a large enough opening to fit your needle and yarn.

  • Measuring Tape: We'll be using the LEATHER WRIST RULER from Twig & Horn.

  • Scissors: We’re using the BRONZE YARN SNIPS from Twig & Horn.

The Boho Curtain Tie Step-By-Step

Tuesday Tip: Boho Pom Pom Curtain Ties Home Decor

Creating Your Pom Poms:
Start by using the MACARON POM MAKER and NOT QUITE LARK yarn. Follow the simple instructions included with your pom maker in the MACARON packaging. This tool comes with clear illustrations and steps to make crafting your pom poms a breeze.
You can wind your yarns together by holding multiple strands at a time, stack them to create stripes, or layer them to make shapes and patterns. 
Begin by choosing colors that compliment each other and let the pom poms come to life from there.
Remember, it’s ok if your first attempt isn’t perfect! Crafting should be fun. Let go and see what takes shape. 

Preparing the Rope:

Tuesday Tip: Boho Pom Pom Curtain Ties Home Decor

Braid approximately 3 feet of rope. Alternatively, you can knit an i-cord for your rope or crochet one by using a chain stitch. 
However you decide to make your rope just confirm that it will fit through your chosen beads' openings before you spend time working it up.

Assembling Your Decor:

Tuesday Tip: Boho Pom Pom Curtain Ties Home Decor
  • Make a knot at one end of the rope.

  • Thread the other end through the large eye needle.

  • Place a bead on the rope and slide it down to the knotted end.

  • Alternate between adding beads and pom poms to the rope. For this project, we used two pom poms at the beginning of your rope and we separated the pom poms by beads. But you really can mix these up depending on how full your pom pom is and the colors you selected. 

  • Once you’re happy with the arrangement, add an additional pom pom but don’t push it all the way to the other side.

  • Add a final bead before knotting this end closed as well.

Tuesday Tip: Boho Pom Pom Curtain Ties Home Decor

And there you have it! 

If you’re not entirely pleased with the initial outcome, no worries. Simply cut the knot off one end and adjust as needed. This craft is wonderfully flexible, allowing you to personalize it by varying how you wrap and arrange your pom poms.

Enjoy adding a personal touch of color to your home with this charming home DIY craft.

Make sure to share pictures of your versions with us. We would love to see how your Not Quite Lark crafts are turning out!

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