What Happened at Quince in December

December was a complete whirlwind at Quince & Co.  We launched a bunch of new products, had a successful Quince Quarterly month, and introduced our new subscription for our Secret Stitch Marker Society  I have had so much fun curating the products for the Stitch Marker Society, and have met some lovely makers along the way.  We're sold out at the moment, but I am hoping to increase spots in a few months, so stay posted.

We were able to have a little holiday celebration with the team mid-month at our local restaurant Run of the Mill.  A wonderful time was had by all and it was just so nice to have some time to relax and really enjoy each other's company.

While in Maine Peg and I got a special treat from Jenni June.  As a Christmas gift Jenni held a private sound bath for Peg and I.  It was a magical experience and I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such lovely, talented people.  Jenni does hold sound baths pretty regularly in the Portland area, if your local check out her calendar.  

We had some awesome meals, of course!  I loved J's - a real local bar with delicious chowder and the highlight of the trip was the new Mitr Ping Yang Thai this place has amazing food, a tiny perfectly decorated dining room, and the most perfect staff.  

As we move in to the new year we have really exciting plans upcoming, including; tons of new products, The Rectangle Project, and more excitement - keep an eye out.

What's on my needles:

December was an insane month for knitting!  As the holidays began to approach I found myself in a fit of gift knitting - I hadn't planned to knit any presents and then abruptly changed my mind.  Boy was I busy and next year I will definitely start earlier.  Here's what the month looked like:

I started this basic rollneck raglan sweater after I saw Peg knitting it for her beau.  I copied it all the way down to the yarn Corriedale in Rye 02.  I initially thought I was knitting this for my husband, but then decided it is for my oldest son.  I am happy to report I have only a few more inches on the second sleeve - I have a second one planned, but going to take a break and knit something else for awhile.

Next Peg again inspired me to knit the Siska Toque by Goodnight Day.  This is where I really lost my mind, I knitted 12 of these hats in one week.  I became efficient enough to finish 2 in a day.  Obviously I gifted a lot of these babies - my fave local bartender, a dear friend, all my kids, my dad, my nephew, and so on.  My favorite combo to make this hat is Puffin and Crane held together and I made some great combos.  This is also a great pattern for using up random yarns in your stash - would love to see a scrap yarn version.  I wish I had photographed all of them!

My last project of the year is a riff on our Rectangle Project crewneck - I made sweaters for my 4 and 6 year old nieces.  These girls have been asking for sweaters ever since they saw me knitting last winter - they were a huge hit at our Christmas celebration.  Knit in Puffin



Beautiful work! Love the patterns.

Janice January 18, 2023

I love the sweater is there a pattern?
Give your hands a rest and Happy New Year.

Maribeth Kelly January 18, 2023

Would love to see sweater patterns in a petite size.
I have given up making sweaters as am unable to
Adjust the sizing to fit.

Mary Coughlin January 18, 2023

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