What Happened at Quince in February

In February we were busy putting the final touches on The Rectangle Project - I am so excited about this project, you can read more about the process on my blog post.  I especially love the photos, our entire team is featured and they are so joyful - they really make my heart sing.

February was a snowy month in Maine and unfortunately, our dear Jennie June slipped on the ice and broke her leg.  We've been taking care of her with visits and meals and pick-ups of Moon and Pearl so they can still visit the warehouse.  She is on the mend, but still has a few more weeks in a cast and then on to a boot - hopefully we'll be well into spring by then!

We're working on all sorts of exciting new launches coming up throughout the year.  We have put together a lovely little Mother's Day assortment, A gorgeous new pattern collection for Spring, and in the works some new yarn lines and bags that I am sooo excited about!

I am really ready to leave winter behind, I am starting to think about cotton and linen and what my summer knitting plans might be.  I can't wait for warm weather and sunshine!

On my needles:

I have been knitting up a storm - here's what has been on my needles these days:

Sophie Scarf - I am obsessed with this perfect scarf.  I have knit 4 of them now.  1 in Crane, 2 in Phoebe, and 1 in Wren.  I have found that 100 g skein will make the full scarf, if you have a 50g skein, you'll need 2 skeins.  Not only do I love knitting this scarf, I also love wearing it and I am excited to wear the Wren scarf as the weather warms up.

Lily Slippers - The most adorable little slippers!  I knitted these for a bundle we have coming up and our latest limited edition color Rose in Osprey.  I love the way these colors look together and I added the pom poms just to make these extra cute.  These were a super easy knit, they only took a day and used only one skein of each color.  I have grand plans of knitting a dozen of these and keeping them in a basket at my front door for guests to wear when visting - wouldn't that be amazing!?

Frid Sweater (modified) - I got a little crazy with this sweater.  I decided I needed to tackle a cable, but couldn't find a sweater that suited me - so I decided to modify the Frid by adding a giant cable down the front.  It honestly came out ok, but I decided that I wanted a Frid sweater unmodified, so after knitting the entire body I unwound the whole thing.  I also knit this with 2 strands of Puffin and one strand of Piper, which created a great super chunky and a beautiful soft color that I am in love with.  I have been loving holding different yarns together

Brechin Vest - I love the way this is turning out.  I am using my stash here and the only rule is I can't use any yarn that isn't already in a cake or ball - truly a scrap project and I am loving the results.  I am holding 3 strands at a time and because I never swatch (tisk - tisk) it's quite oversized, but I think I love it that way and the simple rib pattern is really pretty.  


Axel Vest - I am loving vests - no sleeves, which I hate!  and they are so great for the weather in Chicago, hot one minute, cold the next.  I have found this Axel vest to be the most worn knit I have ever made and I just really love the way it turned out.  I made it with Osprey and Owlet held together and love the marled effect.  I love all the patterns at Le Knit, check them out.  Full disclosure, I skipped the short rows on this knit - they intimidate me!

No Name Chickadee Hat - I made up this pattern!  It's my first, it's just a hat - but still it's very exciting!  This baby is made in a new limited edition color not yet released that I am in love with!  I have been wearing this hat non-stop!  It is made with 2 strands of Chickadee held together and is really nice and squishy with a deep brim.


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