what happened at quince in october?

October was such a fun and frantic month.  Clearly knitting season is upon us and everyone at Quince has the bug.  We are busy knitting trees from our Winter Woodland Kit, new pieces for all our exciting limited edition yarns (lavender coming this month, so dreamy), and new patterns from our exciting new beginner series we are launching in January (stay tuned).  

This month Peg and I made our way back to Maine after a long hiatus.  It was wonderful to get back.  The two of us assembled all of your Woodland Kits and we can’t wait for you to receive them, they are so lovely!  We also taught Jenni June how to knit.  She, of course, was a natural and is currently working on Puck’s Scarf, which is a great beginner project with squishy Osprey.  We had a Halloween Party with Fondue, Halloween Music, and two beautiful painting projects we will be hanging in the warehouse.Above: Maria painting a sheepy scene.

While in town we had some ridiculously delicious meals, of course.  Some of our favorites:

Eventide - I love the Fried Oyster Roll, everything is delicious!!

Scales - The Clover Rolls are pure bliss, as is the octopus appetizer.

I was so lucky to join Jenni June on her weekly horseback riding lesson, it was the perfect night.

I got some much needed time at the water and also was treated to a reiki session by Jenni June while the sun set.

And of course got lots of snuggles from Pearl and Moon.

You went wild for all of our launches this month. We have sold out of the Plaid Wool Crossbody, Limited Edition Phoebe Aphrodite, Spooky Seconds and the Winter Woodland Kits!! Stay tuned for some amazing new goodies in November — I am especially excited about our upcoming Holiday Gift Guide.

On a personal note, I just returned from a weekend retreat with my daughter, Emily (your friendly Customer Service Support). It was Emily's 24th birthday and we visited Ojo Caliente. Ojo is in New Mexico an hour outside of Santa Fe and is the oldest wellness spa in the US. It has countless naturally occurring mineral hot springs that have a long and rich history. It is the dreamiest, most relaxing place and New Mexico is absolutely stunning. Happy birthday Em!

What’s on my needles:

This month I have been knitting an amazing Kimono Cardigan in Puffin. It’s a new pattern that we’re working on for the Beginner Knitter Series we are calling The Rectangle Project. I knit it in Iceland, Carrie’s Yellow, and Storm. I am so close to finishing, just a few more rows on the last sleeve, patch pockets, and seaming. I am excited to wear this as the temperature turns cold.

I just started the wildly popular Sophie Shawl from Petite Knits. I have been obsessed with this pattern ever since I started seeing it everywhere on Instagram. I am not a big shawl fan, but something about the simplicity of this piece really spoke to me. I also love it as a kerchief - I think I will be making it in a bunch of sizes and this will be a go to make for holiday gifts. I knitted mine in Crane Blanco. I love Crane, as I have said before. It’s so soft and has the most beautiful shine, it really highlights the simplicity of this piece. And it knits up so quickly!! (Little sneaky peek of a holiday gift coming soon in the corner!!!)

Happy November - send me a note if you need anything michelle@quinceandco.com

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