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Owlet, our second lace weight yarn, might not seem like it has much in common with fellow lace weight bird, Piper. But though the two have their differences, it’s easier than you might imagine to substitute Owlet in some of our favorite Piper patterns. As always, when substituting a yarn, make sure to do a gauge square, even if the two yarns are the same weight. 

So, without further ado, here are a few patterns written for Piper that we think would be lovely in Owlet!

Serena by Paulina Popiolek, May by Bristol Ivy, Eddy by Elizabeth Doherty

Serena by Paulina Popiolek

4 skeins of Owlet

Serena, originally published in Shawls 2016, is a lovely, asymmetrical triangular shawl with a subtle texture, a lace border, and a picot edge. When knitted in Owlet, Serena takes on vintage style. The undyed shades allow the intricate pattern to shine, and the single-ply, woolen spun yarn brings its own texture to the shawl. Where in Piper it was delicate, in Owlet it is hearty while still remaining light. If you are looking for a shawl to fulfill all of your cottage core dreams, give knitting Serena in Owlet a try. 

May by Bristol Ivy

4 (4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 7, 7) skeins of Owlet

Short sleeved May is an engaging knit, and the cartridge rib stitch adds a fun texture, especially in woolen spun Owlet. The blend of American wool and alpaca lends it a loft and warmth, with a different sort of halo than you find with Piper. Equally beautiful, but each with their own unique glow, both are shown off perfectly in May. 

Eddy by Elizabeth Doherty

3 skeins of Owlet for both versions 

Eddy is a sweet little cowl that takes advantage of the squishiness of single color brioche knitting. When knitted in Owlet, the brioche stitches take on a new dimension, reminiscent of fisherman sweaters and salty shores. Bring a little of the nautical into your day with this cowl. If you’ve never knit brioche before, Eddy is a great project to start with. 

We hope you enjoy Owlet, and all it has to offer. Happy Knitting!
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Laura October 23, 2020

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