Quince & Co. Yarn

The act of knitting is a careful one. Stitch by stitch, row by row, we construct a favorite hat, a go-to sweater, a wonderfully intricate scarf. At Quince & Co. we think that the yarn we choose to knit with should be made with as much care as we take in our knitting. A perfect yarn makes the process of knitting exquisite and the finished object worthy of the love and care we put in. 

Quince & Co. works tirelessly to make our yarns worthy of your needles. Here’s how we do it:

Focus on Process: Farmers, Processors, Spinners, and Dyers

We partner with the finest producers we can find, collaborating with them to develop and create yarns that are unique but familiar, hardy yet soft, and in an array of gorgeous shades. 

We produce our products as locally as we can, sourcing and spinning our yarns in the US whenever we can find as good or better quality here. In this way we support our neighbors, many of whom have struggled as the textile industry has largely moved offshore over the last few decades. It also means we can work with them more directly, visiting and speaking with them regularly. We also know that making yarn in America means that each step of the way environmental and labor laws are being followed, and that we’re helping to keep American ranches from turning into parking lots. We further reduce our environmental impact in reducing freight distances. 

When we are unable to produce a yarn in America as well as we can abroad, we take great care in choosing suppliers. We work with only the highest-quality producers who share the same commitments we do. 

Natural Fibers

You can read more about our love for natural fibers here. Natural fibers are synonymous with quality for us, and we source the best ones we can find. 

We only use natural, unprocessed wool, never superwash. Though convenient, the harsh chemicals of the superwashing process are not only harmful for the environment, but they also change the feel and structure of the yarn. We love and want to maintain the natural, woolly texture.

Similarly, we avoid semi-synthetic fibers such as rayon, bamboo, and modal. Though the raw materials are natural, these fibers are modified and partially degraded by chemical processes. We prefer to keep it natural!

Environmental Stewardship    

Natural fibers are biodegradable and renewable. Unlike your polyester athletic-wear, when you’re done with your sweater knit from Quince & Co. yarn, the Earth will be happy to have it back.

We source our fiber close to home, with all the attendant environmental upsides mentioned above. When we find that a yarn is better made outside of the US, we find out as much as possible about the mill, their values, and where the fibers are from and how they came to be. If we're sourcing a yarn from a plant fiber, such as our organic linen in Sparrow and Kestrel, we want to know if it was grown in conditions that are healthy for the soil and for the people who tend and harvest it. If we're looking for an animal fiber, we want to know if the animal was raised in a way that sustains the earth and preserves the culture of the people who care for it.

You can read more about our environmental commitments on our Story + Values page.