Piper is our pretty little southern bird. We sourced the softest super fine kid mohair we could find and blended it with super fine merino to make a lighter-than-air, almost lace weight single-ply yarn. Piper has a pretty halo and a subtle sheen, thanks to the long, silky fibers of the mohair. Knit it on a larger needle if you want. It fills in nicely. Great in sweaters, hats, and, of course, shawls.

Sourcing Texas mohair has come with challenges, and as we describe on our blog, in order to keep this special yarn to our standards, we had to look outside the US for production. 



wool + alpaca / lace weight

$ 13.00


mohair + merino / worsted weight

$ 28.00


$ 6.50


$ 7.00

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$ 16