introducing phoebe

Our new yarn Phoebe has arrived! Introducing Quince's dreamy, ultra-soft DK weight yarn in 100% American extra-fine merino, the finest commercially-available wool grown, spun, and dyed right here in the United States. 

Phoebe's palette of 9 otherworldly colors are tonal-dyed, which imparts subtle variegation to each shade. Some of them are quite understated, others more pronounced. 

We know that variegated shades can mean different things to different people (and different yarn makers). When viewing Phoebe on our website, you'll find each color photographed with a stockinette swatch to give you a virtual taste of the tonal shifts in action.

left to right: mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune, and pluto 

Phoebe's colors were named after the planets in our solar system—they fit so perfectly, we couldn't resist. Hats off to our amazing Biddeford crew for coming up with the idea of a space theme for this line!

Launching with Phoebe today is a new hat pattern: Hadfield! Designed by Pam Allen and written especially for our newest yarn, this classic fisherman's rib hat requires just one skein of Phoebe, modeled below in color Mars.

Jupiter is calling my name. Which Phoebe color is your favorite?

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