A Hat for Phoebe

A Hat for Phoebe

Sometimes it's about the YARN—not the stitches, not the details, not the shape or silhouette, the drape, or the proportions. It's about the yarn. 

And so it is with Phoebe.

I've long been a fan of hand-dyed and/or variegated yarn—when it's in the skein. But much as I enjoy those color studies neatly wound, I've often felt less than joyful at the way those pretty dye effects knit up. As someone who designs with stitches and textures, variegated yarns can vie with those elements in ways not so lovely or harmonious.

Any good knitwear design takes into consideration the fiber and structure of the yarn it's worked in; in the case of a tonal yarn, the color story is an element to contend with, as well.

To my eye (and we all have our own preferences and none are right or wrong), tonal yarns pair best with simple stockinette stitch or bold, clearly delineated textures, fabrics in which the yarn's 'design' supports and enlivens the knitwear design.

Hence, Hadfield. I love how the deep ridged texture of brioche sets forth the subtle variations of Phoebe's rich Mars red. And the yarn's coloration—and lofty fiber—gives the pattern stitch a welcome boost.

A Hat for Phoebe

Stay tuned for more Phoebe patterns—ones we've worked up specifically for our new and nuanced little bird, patterns designed to make the most of its pretty washes of color.

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