scarves, etc. 6: sub call!

It's that time again: Quince & Co. is now taking submissions for our annual Scarves, Etc. collection, now in its sixth year! From now through Tuesday, May 17th, we are accepting your "perfect neckwear" ideas. 


In past years we’ve included scarves, cowls, wraps, shawls, and this year (for Scarves, Etc. 5) included a poncho. The designs have run the gamut from meditative garter stitch to the most intricate cable and lace patterns, and from stripes to fair isle, so the sky is the limit!

This collection tends to focus on knitting designs, but if you have a crochet idea that you really love, feel free to send it our way for consideration. As always, you may submit as many ideas as your heart desires.

And please feel free also to help us spread the word!

Submission Guidelines

Submission format:

    • Please send your ideas in pdf format to jerusha(AT)quinceandco(DOT)com by Tuesday, May 17th
    • If you have more than one idea, we would love it if you would send us a separate pdf for each idea—they can however, be sent all in the same email

For each idea, please send us the following:

    • A photo of your swatch (doesn't have to be in our yarn)
    • A sketch of your idea
    • A brief description of the piece you have in mind, including basic construction
    • The yarn weight and needle size used in your swatch
    • Yarn(s) that you can picture for your design

Things to consider:

    • Please don't send us designs that you have already self-published, or published in competing yarn
    • If your design is accepted, we ask that you keep it under wraps until publication date

Any accepted designs will be compensated for with a one-time, lump sum, payable on publication of the collection. Quince will sell the patterns on our website and on Ravelry. After 90 days, the designer may also sell the pattern on their own website (not via Ravelry), and with Quince’s permission may also print the pattern.

Questions? Please shoot Jerusha an email jerusha(AT)quinceandco(DOT)com.

Thanks and best of luck!

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