Dear Gweneth

Cecily Glowik MacDonald's cardigan, Gweneth. In Finch. Take a close look at that pretty lace panel that she's added along the center fronts of her little sweater. Those matching panels are a single repeat of Vine Lace from Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns. Vine Lace is one of the simplest--and prettiest--lace patterns to ever embellish a knitted piece. Proving, as Cecily’s designs always do, that a simple stitch pattern used judiciously can have all the impact you need.


Another thing I like about this sweater: The compact ribbed edgings. Nothing fancy, nothing to call attention from the lace detail. Perfect, pretty restraint. Everything balanced.


And still another thing: We’ve seen a lot (tons) of top-down sweaters in recent years, for good reason. There's little finishing needed (who LOVES to sew a sweater together?). And body and sleeve length can be easily adjusted. Gweneth, however, is worked from the bottom up to the armhole (as one piece), BUT. Like raglan sleeves in top-down sweaters, the sleeves are joined without sewing. They're picked up around the armhole after the shoulders are seamed and the cap is shaped with short rows. Once the necessary curve is complete, the sleeve is worked in the round as usual to the cuff. Note how tidy the sleeve join is at the shoulder.

I love this cardigan in gray. But then, I love everything in gray. However, given that we've had freezing rain here for several days (gray on gray on gray), I'm thinking Gweneth would also be lovely in a warm color, perhaps one of the ones below.  From the left: Apricot, Clay, Belize (take me there), or Twig, a warmish, woodsy color.

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