A merry little sock

A merry little sock

Greetings from all of us at Quince & Co! We wish you the best for this holiday season, however you celebrate it. And if you have time for knitting, think about putting your needles to these Little Chunky-Sock Ornaments. Doesn't matter if you're surrounded by activity or sitting quietly on your couch, these little guys are easy to do. And quick. Hope you enjoy them! 


Hi Randy!

I’m afraid this pattern is no longer available, but we hope you’ll still give socks a try!

Ann Budd’s ‘More Better Baby Socks’ (https://quinceandco.com/collections/patterns/products/more-better-baby-socks) would be a great alternative for getting comfortable with sock techniques at a small, low-commitment scale. Or, you could try Pam Allen’s ‘Bergson Socks’ (https://quinceandco.com/collections/patterns/products/bergson-socks) for a speedy knit in Puffin!

Quince & Co. March 04, 2021

I realize this may be outdated, today being March 3, 2021, but my fear of tackling socks is strong & these little guys look ‘do able.’ Is it possible to still get this pattern?


Randy Merrill March 04, 2021

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