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Take a moment and listen. Notice? No thrum of activity. The planning, list making, scurrying, ka-chinging of the holidays. Over. Yes, I know we’ve got the big New Year moment still ahead, but already I feel the joy (yes, that's the word) of the turn away from merry making. Not that I don't enjoy the hustle and bustle. Not at all. But everything has its moment. And the pause after celebration has, for me, great charm.

Not the least of which, once those dried pine needles are swept up and the last cookie devoured, is getting back to relaxed knitting. Shoulders hunched over gift knitting ease down and fingers flex. Knitting without a deadline returns. I welcome the change.

So. Therefore. We launch a knitalong to celebrate the stillness of winter, with the latent beginnings therein, as well as the promise of a new year. The theme? Anything from our Home collection. Choose what strikes you. Cozy socks, snuggly sweater, a soft blanket, maybe a pair of slippers for a head start on next year’s season.

And, of course, we have a giveaway (!) to welcome the lull: Three $50 Quince & Co gift certificates, chosen at random from your FO entries.

The details are here on Ravelry. Come join us!

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Will you sponsor a knit along for 2021? It would be a wonderful time for such a comforting pursuit!

Donna October 26, 2020

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