Wrapped up in Owl, five shawls from Melanie Berg

Is this not the season for shawls? If you live in the Northeast, you know what I'm talking about. Snow.

Shawls come with the territory: Tea, couch, wood stove, slogs to the mailbox wrapped in layers. Dog romping--disappearing into the white, then a sighting of red coat and floppy ears emerging briefly like a whale before falling back into a snowy ocean.

We've been busy. SOOO busy. That's why you haven't heard from us in a while. But we're catching up and today we give you a quick preview of a collection we're (appropriately) publishing tomorrow: five beautiful shawls from designer Melanie Berg. Above is Talamu. Below is Rikochan.

And Taine.


And Vouvray.

Yes. There are five shawls in the collection and only four photos here. We have to leave some surprises...

Clearly, these pieces were photographed before the snow flew. But not that much before. Here's brave, good-natured Nyanen warming up before shedding layers to model the shawls.




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