Scarves Etc 4

Every year (for the past 4) we've put together a collection of scarves, cowls, shawls that we've culled from the ideas you've sent to us. Scarves are the iconic knitting project. Ask any knitter about their first project and they'll tell you, "A scarf." But scarf--and cowl and shawl--knitting never gets old. We love these projects because it's hard to go wrong. No fit to worry about, no deal-breaking gauge. And scarves are easy to make your own--shorter, longer, wider--no problem. And, perhaps, best of all, things that go 'round the neck and shoulders keep us warm and snug, a reminder that our craft, however pretty, is wonderful, as well, because it's practical.

This year's collection is particularly exciting for us, not least because we're getting it out while it's still winter (!). And also because we've made it a real book this year. You can still get a virtual copy of individual patterns or the collection, but if you love paper and hold-in-your-hand pattern books, this year we have Scarves, Etc., The Book.

What's in the collection? Strong, warm, colors and knitterly textures:

Soft neutrals and pieces for indoors as well as out:


Coming when?

Coming soon!



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