Scarves Etc 4 and a giveaway

Scarves Etc 4 and a giveaway

So. Did I mention we're printing our Scarves Etc collection this year? Yes, paper.

Proofs come today, and once these are corrected, we're only days away from copies in boxes arriving at the warehouse. While we wait, how about a giveaway?

Three free copies, one each to a commenter on this blog post, chosen at random from all comments. Tell us about scarves--what makes a good one and/or why you love 'em?--and your name is entered in the drawing. Comments closed next Tuesday, Feb. 24, at noon and same date to pre-order!

What will you find in the current collection? Lots, including, pretty colorwork:

Scarves Etc 4 and a giveaway

Lovely textures, softly discreet:

Scarves Etc 4 and a giveaway

Or strong and bold:

Scarves Etc 4 and a giveaway

And more, much more, of course.

Want to win a copy? Good--talk to us! 

*One entry per person please.


Thanks again for participating in this giveaway and you bet we read all your thoughtful comments on why scarves are simply so wonderful! It's enough to start knitting some more... But without further delay–– Congratulations to Susan Schoeck, Lee Gifford, and Maura Hencker (thanks to! We'll be reaching out to you soon on how to get the new Scarves, etc 4 book to you.

xo, Quince & Co

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