Scarves, etc 4--meet this year's scarf designers

Michael Dworjan

Noriko Ho

Deb Hoss

Allison Jane

Quenna Lee

Amy Maceyko

Katherine Mehls

Makiho Negishi

Laura Reinbach

Melissa Schoenwether

Ellie Sokolow

Shannon Squire

Angela Tong




And who are these smiling people? These are this year's Scarves, etc 4 designers. Our annual collection of scarves, cowls, and shawls is due out shortly--very shortly. So glad!

For weeks, we've been proofing scarf patterns, bent over printouts, pencil in hand. We pass the patterns around, "See if you can find anything I've missed." It's a long process. A fresh morning, a fresh pair of eyes, and (can you believe?)  another typo, wrong number, or other mistake stares back blatantly from the page. But finally, I think we're done. (Knocks on wood.) The patterns are as perfect as we can make them. Time to let them see light!

As mentioned earlier, this year Scarves, etc 4 will be a book. Yes, covers and paper and so on. You'll still be able to buy downloadable individual patterns or the e-book version of the book. But for those who love a book to peruse on the couch, to underline and make notes in, this year you have it. And, of course, if you order the print book, you'll immediately receive the digital copy, as well. We'll also have a lookbook for you to preview, in which you can see all the pieces and read brief bios of the scarf designers above.

And if you haven't already commented on our previous post, you might want to do so now. Your name will be entered in our Scarves, etc 4 giveaway. And you just might get lucky.


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