Ravelry and Instagram Roundup

As you probably have seen, we here at Quince have been really ramping up winter with big projects (and if you haven't seen…click here, here, here…and you should see what we have coming up for spring)!

All the while that we've been noses to the grind, we've been seeing some pretty wonderful things on Ravelry that designers are doing with our yarns... 

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Gradient Wrap cowl by Elizabeth Smith 

I love Elizabeth's (aka the brown stitch) designs. My colorwork preferences definitely lean toward the monochromatic. And I have a great weakness for stripes. Plus, Lark is my go-to yarn. This is why this cowl is definitely on my to-knit list!

2. A 'woolly & warm & tres long' scarf by Dottie Angel

Love this crocheted scarf. Crochet is still on my to-do list under "things to get comfortable with", and this piece may be the tipping point here. It's in a combination of our two alpaca and wool yarns, Owl and Owl Tweet

3. Polly by Elizabeth Brassard

Elizabeth Brassard's geometric scarf in our squishy Lark satisfies two things in my knitting book: my love of intarsia, and for using our new "compare colors" feature…if you haven't tried it, go to any of our yarn pages and look under the main photo for the "compare colors" link.

4. Fire by Olgajazzy

Olga's contribution to Madder's new Elements collection is a stunning piece in Lark—a simple shape that features a super fun and intricate-looking stitch pattern all over the body.

5. Orly Cardigan by Alexis Winslow

Alexis recently published this book with Interweave Press--this cardi is beautiful in our little Finch. I love the contrast of the Glacier and Honey together, the stripe details, the bracelet-length sleeves, the front wrap construction with the little ties--yes, please!

6. Thicket by Cecily Glowik MacDonald

Cecily's Thicket cardigan is an ultimate winter jacket, with pockets, shawl collar, buttons…and in Puffin, the perfect yarn for winter wearing (at least in here in Maine).

There are so many new pieces to love that I'll be splitting them up into several posts--keep your eye out for the next one in a few weeks! And here is Karen to give you some of her favorites in instagram...

Have you noticed that we've gotten our instagram up and running in the past few months? We're so excited about that (and long overdue)! It was no surprise as we looked around that so, so many beautiful photos came up tagged with our name. We'll never (ever) tire of seeing how everyone is using our yarn and patterns... and the color combinations! I couldn't help sharing @pollywantsanothercracker's photo again of that beautiful display case full of Quince yarn (oh my...)! Please keep on sharing your beautiful work. We recommend you use the following tags: #quinceandco and #quinceknits when it is also a pattern by us. Thanks!


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5. @ashmhiggs

6. @pollywantsanothercracker

 xo, Jerusha and Karen

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