Sparrow (aka Spring) is here!

It starts in the fall. We choose new colors for next spring's shipment of Sparrow and Kestrel, yarn that won't arrive until late winter, at the earliest. But once those new yarns hit the warehouse, we perk up around here. Whatever else is happening (however much snow remains underfoot), the arrival of new Sparrow positively sings for us.

New colors for 2015, clockwise from bottom left, are: Penny, Moon (swoon), Fundi (yes, it's Fundy but we got started with the wrong spelling and we're sticking with it for now), Maize, and Venice.

If you aren't familiar with Sparrow, let me tell you about this pretty little yarn. Sparrow is spun in Italy from organic linen grown in Belgium. For standard stockinette stitch garments, we usually knit with a needle size US 4. But depending on how you knit (and we all know there's no right or wrong way to do that, right? just YOUR way), you may need to use a needle anywhere from size US 2 to 6.

Garments knitted up in linen yarn behave just like woven ones, with each wash they become softer and drapier. The patterns in this year's collection make full use of that drapey potential. As do those from previous years. ('Previous years'--I can't believe I just said that. Seems like only yesterday...)

Here, for example, is Petunia, a swingy cardigan in Nannyberry and Little Fern:

And Forsythia, below, in Birch and Butternut (a favorite combo).

Ready for a color challenge? You can't imagine how long it took us to decide on which two colors to use in these pieces. But looking at all the colors together, new ones included, I can easily see other combinations, which we'll explore in another post.

I know it's fun to see behind-the-scene-at-the-photo-shoot pictures, but we neglected to take any, although I wish I had one of the delicious Thai lunch we wolfed down. But here's a shot you might like, the ever-patient shoot dog:


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