Scarves Stories: 90-Degrees

Getting into the thick of it with 90-Degrees, designed by Katherine Mehls.

This great piece from the Scarves, Etc 4 collection is smooshy and versatile, just what I like in a cowl. It's worked in Puffin held doubled and knitted in my favorite stitch, Fisherman’s rib, a pattern that makes a light, lofty, squishable fabric—not at all stiff and dense.

Knitted long and joined to make a wide circle, then wrapped up on the neck or left loose, this lush cowl is like a hug.


It lends itself just as nicely to a short, tuck-in-the-jacket loop, as Katherine has done in the version below.

You can work the cowl to whatever length (circumference) you like, just make sure you work a multiple of four rows (count up the knit stitches in one rib column, and if it’s an even number, you’re on track). When you work the trim, pick up a stitch in every slipped edge stitch and make sure you have an even number of stitches. The rest is up to you.

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