Scarves Stories: Inverness

Scarves Stories: Inverness

Meet Inverness by Ellie Sokolow.

A pop of graphic color makes this knit the showpiece of the Scarves, etc 4 collection.

Scarves Stories: Inverness

Osprey in understated garter stitch and unassuming stripes gets an exciting new life with horizontal peeks of color. The long stripes and their little two-strand tassels are added after the knitting is complete.

You'll find instructions for how to create the vertical stripes in the pattern, but below, we've included illustrations lending a little extra guidance on how to start a stripe (fig. 1), and how to tie it off at each end (fig. 2).

Scarves Stories: InvernessScarves Stories: Inverness

I like to think half the fun is in the finishing, and this unique technique won’t disappoint!

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