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Hi, I'm Hannah Fettig and I design knitting patterns. Well, that's really part of what I do, it's not the full story. I am also a mother of two small children.  

Last May, I moved my studio back home and took the entire summer off from work. This was a bold move, and I must admit at first it was difficult. I was an addict of sorts, not sure how to now occupy my time. And then I let go. We enjoyed a wonderful, summery summer, and in the fall I eased back into work, cautiously even.  

I share this because the stepping away lead to a project that is my greatest achievement to date. Home & Away: Knits for Everyday Adventures came hard and fast once the wheels were in motion. And I am so very proud of it. This is the first self-published book 100% of my own making—all previous books were collaborative. These collaborations were great experiences, too, and ultimately set me up to make Home & Away a success.


With a team of Maine-based talent, we set out on the coldest week of this past winter and photographed the collection. Everyone was up for the challenge, inspired by the adventure of it all. It brings me a lot of joy to look through this book (soon I will be FLIPPING through the pages of the print book for the first time) as each image brings back memories of the fun we had setting up each shot. The cover shot, where Lesley is standing out on the end of a pier in the driving snow? I can't even tell you how cold it was at that moment: so cold, and I wasn't even at the end of that pier. But you would never know it looking at the final shots! It was a group effort, from start to finish, and we all had a wonderful time. I believe when you bring in talent for a project and trust them to do their jobs well, you will always achieve good results! Home & Away is proof of that.

The team, left to right: Daniel Hudson, Amy Valente, Lesley Desantis, Hannah Fettig, Rebekah Barter

Home & Away is a 96 page print book (your purchase includes the digital version), featuring nine versatile patterns designed for knitters of all skill levels. This collection was designed in Quince & Co yarns—so appropriate, as my home state of Maine acts as a character in this book. You can read my interview with Pam about her yarns and her company inside.

Here's something knitters are buzzing about—each sweater pattern includes two sets of instructions: you can choose to knit seamless or with seams. In addition, Home & Away is full of information to help you increase your knowledge and skill, with articles on gauge, fit, understanding a pattern, yarn substitution, and MORE! 

My sincere hope is that this book will serve you both inspirationally and practically in your endeavors to grow as a knitter. Thank you, dear knitters, for supporting me in what I love to do!

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