Ravelry and Instagram Roundup

Right now, even as New England is warming up, I am tearing into an Aisance with voracious intensity--still time for sweaters! But I'm also looking toward summer, and even post-summer, back to sweaters. After all, the brevity of our warmest season here in Maine is no myth...and it's perfect if you're a knitter. In fact, living in Maine means that you can pretty much knit whatever you want year-round.

Roaming around in the pattern browser at Ravelry, I am immediately enticed and inspired by new designs and projects that folks are working up in our yarns for all seasons, the world of knitting my oyster! Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Margo Poncho by Elizabeth Smith

Here in Maine, this kind of knit is completely appropriate right up to the end of June, and then wearable again starting in mid-August. This poncho in Osprey is delectable, and one day will be mine. Oh yes.

2. Louise Light by Carrie Bostick Hoge

Carrie has done it again, a spring/summer volume of Madder's Simple Pleasures (go here to see the anthology, some wonderful Quince pieces therein!)—things you just can't wait to wear. My favorite is this sweet warm-weather version of Louise in Finch.

3. Firth by Amy Herzog

Look at this sweater, knit in Lark. The deep v-neck, the fitted waist, where it hits on the hip—it's perfect. And you can totally make it your own, you know that about Amy, right? She also used some of our yarns for her awesome new book, Knit Wear Love…check it out, for sure.

4. Pique Pullover by Courtney Spainhower

When Courtney first emailed this piece to me, knit in Tern, I got so excited. I love the cable/eyelet combination, the openness in the front (go check out the front!) and the short sleeves, great for layering. Super cute.

5. Coastal Capelet by Susan Barstien

This piece was worked up in Kestrel and emailed to me by the designer. Look at that lace!! I haven't seen all that much lace in Kestrel yet, and this piece is perfect for this yarn.

6. Grapefruit Brulee by Amanda Bell

I wanted to share for the last roundup, but I ran out of room. This shawl, knit in Sparrow, hits my penchant for stripes in just the right way.

In addition to my Aisance and trying to fit at least one of the above listed into my queue, I'm participating in our current Ravelry knit along, and this one's all about linen--any Quince patterns in Sparrow and Kestrel from all time are fair game. And if you're like me, and you have say, a Dejeuner bag sitting in your stash that you started last summer and never got to finish...you can still join, WIPs welcome! The KAL runs all the way to June 8th. And, Instagram users, don't forget to tag your photos with #linenkal2015 so we can find and share them!

And speaking of Instagram, we've been having a blast seeing all your gorgeous photos of Quince-y goodness! Ryan and Karen threw their favorites at me, and I had a really, really hard time narrowing it down to just 6. I especially love that @redden_goods is using our yarns for weaving! Also dyeing the yarn with natural dyes, and lining the bottom with leather. Genius...also can't get over Julie Hoover's Encadre cowl, worked up in Piper and shared by our friends at @vegaknits. Reminds me of graph paper, something I truly enjoy looking at (you do too, don't deny it!!) 

Please keep tagging your Quince photos, we love it!

1. @arohaknits in Chickadee

2. @redden_goods

3. @icelandicblueclothing in Finch

4. @vegaknits in Piper

5. @martinealicia in Piper

6. @natandmadi in Chickadee

xo, Jerusha

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