Scarves 2016, calling for!

Scarves 2016, calling for!

Can you believe it? We're already announcing our 5th (!) Annual Call for Scarves (ACFS). A little early this year…to give you more time to dream up your perfect neck piece.

So what is it? Does it have cables, lace, stripes, intarsia? Is it a scarf, a cowl, a shawl, a wrap? Does it explore an unusual technique, or is something you can get from cast on to closet in a weekend?

Whatever it is, we want to see it! Feel free to send us multiple ideas. Crochet designs welcome!

As in the past, please send a scanned swatch and sketch (rough drawing is fine) and put SCARF in the subject line. No need to use a Quince yarn in your swatch, we’ll get the idea and, if we accept it, we’ll send you a Quince equivalent. New designs (i.e. have never been published before) only please!!

You have until Friday, July 10th to submit your idea—we'll notify everyone by the end of July, and by end of August you'll have your yarn. Sample and pattern delivery deadline will be Monday, October 19th. Collection will be published early February 2016.

Questions? I will be more than happy to answer them for you—shoot me an email at

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