ravelry and instagram roundup

Come August, you can definitely feel a change happening here in Maine. The nights and mornings are cooler, the days noticeably shorter, the summer vibe waning and folks settling into a more relaxed state of mind before the busy-ness of fall kicks in. However...the last few drops of summer are still plenty hot to keep the heavy-duty knitwear safely stowed and off of bodies and needles :)

Linen is still going strong on Ravelry! Check out Mel Ski's now completed collection 6 Bits: Wander, which focuses on both Sparrow and Kestrel (even combining the two into one design!). Here are some new and so lovely designs in our linen yarns:

1. Shelter Cove Cowl by Lee Juvan in Sparrow

 2. Waterfront Dress by Cecily Glowik MacDonald in Kestrel (photos by Carrie Bostick Hoge)

3. Edie Tee by Isabell Kraemer in Sparrow (photos by grasflecken)

More and more sweet hats are popping up!

4. Edgewater Tam by Elizabeth McCarten in Lark (and...if you're wondering about those adorable mitts, Elizabeth says they are due for release on Rav in a couple of weeks!

5. Little Sprout Bonnet by Melissa LaBarre in Osprey

6. Pixie Filigrane Hat by Elizabeth Brassard in Puffin 

And, Quince is getting some love in print as well: from left to right, these designs are being published in knit.purl, pompom quarterly, and a new book by Romi Hill,  New Lace Knitting: Designs for Wide Open Spaces.

7. Tweed Scarf Jacket by Deborah Helmke in Owl Tweet

8. Oak Crest Hat by Maisie Howarth in Lark

9. Oak Flat Road Shawl by Romi Hill in Tern (it's a big shawl. I could only get in this little detail, my favorite part...)

On Instagram, I'm loving the stash shots! I do love playing "name that color", especially since lighting, screen settings, and camera lens can really affect what the color looks like on any given device...

1. @apicturebookmind So much potential! Chickadee in Clay one of our most popular colors, Clay.

2. @frida_bre Tea and Tern, perfect. Looks like at least Syrah and Popham are represented there at the bottom of the pile...

3. @pineapple_phi Honey in 4 of our wool bases (L to R): Puffin, Lark, Chickadee, and Finch.

4. @thecolormustard Chickadee in Gingerbread. 

5. @kalleerin Willet in Dinghy. 

6. @kacielu This Finch is destined for this project...can't wait to start seeing the WIP shots of this!! Looks like Egret, Clay, Bosc, and...Kittywake?

If all of these stash photos make you as hungry as I am for a new project, we have a KAL happening right now on our Ravelry group! You can still join our Top Down KAL, which runs through October 1st. As always, your FO may win you a $50 gift certificate to quinceandco.com, we end up with a large crop of newly knitted goodies to drool over, and of course we connect and share tips and ideas for making our projects wonderful. Don't forget to tag your projects! #topdownkal2015

See you there!

xoxo, jerusha


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