pretty, pretty

pretty, pretty

Deneise Kemp (cabinfour on ravelry and instagram) has made another pair of socks, these called Flower Child. They're brief, with a dainty asymmetric motif and a pretty heel. How lovely worked in little Chickadee.

Says Deneise on her latest design:

I love the thought of these hippie, flower child socks in colors that are fresh and light, so that the tiny, feminine lace detail shows well. For colors, I'd go with your lighter ones, nothing darker than Delft or Aleutian.  Clay would be sweet.  Or Bird's Egg.  Belize.  And with thoughts of Autumn already swirling around in everyone's mind, I do think they'd be darling in Carrie's Yellow.  You know what's best.

I love the "If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...." song. That's what first inspired the design for me.  That and my love of that sweet moment in time when everyone was wearing bell bottoms and flowers in their hair and thinking about peace and love, baby.  ; )

pretty, pretty

 Above, possible Flower Child colors: Clay, Leek, Bird's Egg, Aleutian, and Carrie's Yellow.

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