comfort hats

comfort hats

Weekend in Lark

Brief and to the point: Nothing beats the simple satisfaction of a knitted hat. Today’s newly released patterns by Mari Lynn Patrick are a splendid example of just how perfect a quick hat project can be.

Sometimes the mood calls for nothing more than good fit, the sweet straightforwardness of ribbing or stockinette and the littlest of details to take it from “just done” to “just so.”

comfort hats

Seasons in Tern

Mari Lynn knows perfect:

On what makes a simple project: "Something that is easy to knit with instructions that are both carefully explained and concise."

On her approach to designing a hat: "I like to knit a hat when I'm trying out a new yarn, using one ball. I like getting to know the yarn this way instead of merely knitting a swatch. The color and weight of the yarn actually speak to me and tell me what to do. And, my philosophy of design is never to make the same design twice."

And in her estimation: "A good hat, as with all knitwear, should fit well, in the fit of current fashion. You should be able to knit a good hat in either one evening or a day at most. A good hat should be knit-and-wear--no blocking required."

comfort hats

City in Osprey

Sounds just right to us. Get all three Comfort Hats as a bundle, or as individual patterns.

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