making ready

It’s early September. The trees are still mostly green, the sun warm, the crickets noisy.

But Labor Day is here, and we note signs of change. Kids put on their new school clothes and wait for the bus. Nights are cooler. Basil is gone from the Farmer’s Market and winter squashes of every variety spill from baskets. The meadow is a beautiful, shaggy mess, overgrown and buzzing with last-minute grasshoppers. Stems bend, and bright blooms fade and morph to seed pods.

The air feels different. Sounds sound different—each stirring of leaves on the breeze a tiny bit crisper, closer to flight than the day before. On cue, we reach for the closest thing to wrap about ourselves: a shawl for the shoulders, a sweater to chase the chill, a throw to share with someone.

We observe these shifting signals around us and dream of what's to come.

To the call of the season, our knitter’s (crocheter’s, maker’s) hearts collectively boom in response: Welcome, Fall. We are ready.

Wishing you well this Labor Day, from all of us at Quince & Co.

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