ebba: steek studies

Ebba, today's new sweater by Dianna Walla, is a modern take on the timeless Norwegian sweater—this updated version sports a comfy boatneck, three-quarter sleeves, and a fitted silhouette through the body. Like other types of colorwork styles, steeks are used in Ebba's construction.

What are steeks? The designer helpfully provides an excellent tutorial written just for this sweater (and it's linked right in the pattern).

A lot of knitters give scissors the side-eye when it comes to cutting into their hard work. It's understandable! But steeking is nothing to shy away from, and the results are very much worth it.

If you have ever wanted to try a pattern that calls for steeking but, like me, you tend to find it helpful to read many different explanations of a technique first before trying it out yourself, fear not—there are many different steeking tutorials available online:

Norwegian Steeking Technique on Knitty

A three-post series on steeks by Kate Davies

Eunny Jang's Steeking Chronicles (a personal favorite)

Steek! at Tin Can Knits

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