wicked cute boots

wicked cute boots

The temps continue to drop here in Maine, and it's apparent when walking around town and visiting the farmers market earlier this week—everyone clad in long sleeves and coats, scarves and hats donned. Ubiquitous plaid, as far as the eye can see. Evidence of the season's signal affirmed, that it's time for the annual stowing of sandals and flip flops in favor of boots. None so instantly recognizable as the stalwart Maine classic: The hardy duck boot.

Of course, when it comes to knitters it can't be helped to translate that icon into a knit bootie for wee feet. That's just what designer Meagan Anderson did, and we still can't get over how cute the Baby Duck Booties are! The pattern offers four sizes: Baby sizes in 0-6 months and 6-12 months; toddler sizes for 18 or 24 months.

And, for the baby sizes, we've assembled the perfect kitFinch and Chickadee mini-skeins (which are, themselves, adorable) in quantities to knit one pair of booties, a high-quality print pattern, and a pretty printed project bag to house them all. Super cute!

wicked cute boots

I find myself already having to whittle down a lengthy mental list of people who would love these kits as a gift for the holidays this year. How great would these be as a souvenir for friends visiting Maine (or a kind of knitted postcard for those already too chill-wary to head this far north after summer flees)? I may even have to knit a pair as an ornament for this year's Christmas tree.

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