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Happy Sunday from Quince! Hannah stops in to say hi:

Hello everyone! Here in southern Maine the trees have begun to put on a dramatic show and the weather has turned cooler. My family and I are renovating an old house and while we do so we're living in a camper. The change in season has given me a whole new appreciation for wool's warmth! We're all clad in it, head to toe at times. I'm reminded of the conversations Pam and I had on about this wonderful fiber. I appreciate Quince & Co.'s commitment to 100% natural fibers, allowing their properties to shine through!

Heads up: Our Ask Hannah Anything Q&A feature is coming up on October 18!

Knitters, we would love to hear from you, and today we're opening the comments to questions. Do you have something you've always wanted to ask about Knitbot? Anything you've always wanted to know about Hannah or one of her designs but were afraid to ask? Well, now's your chance—simply leave a comment below with your question, and we'll bring Hannah back one last time with some answers next Sunday.

Don't be shy. Whether technical or fun, lighthearted, curious, or purely random—we want to know what enquiring knitterly minds want to know about Knitbot. You may even be randomly picked to win a signed copy of Home & Away. Anyone who leaves a question in the comments below will be entered to win! Comments will close on Thursday, October 15.

Knitbot Month continues

Knitbot Month is going strong, and we're seeing some great projects cropping up in the Knitbot KAL FO thread on the Quince & Co. Rav group. It's not too late to join us if you are thinking of casting on! I somehow managed to eke out a quick pair of Willard mitts last weekend, despite it being a busy couple of days.

Last week saw a few lucky knitters on Quince's social channels:

For our Pinterest giveaway: Melanie P. won a copy of Knitbot Linen and skeins of Sparrow.

Over on Instagram: The lucky winner of Knitbot Yoked and Owl yarn was Kathy P.

And on Facebook: Diane S. won Knitbot Essentials and skeins of Lark.

Don't forget—our promotions continue to run through the end of October. Stock up on Knitbot with a library bundle (which also comes with a Quince tote and stashbot), a Yoked + Linen bundle, or just Essentials, all specially priced during Knitbot Month.

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