ravelry and instagram roundup

Ah, fall. Seemingly overnight, everyone's drenched in knitwear. Eye candy for the knitter abounds. Where last week there was a swath of deep golden leaves on the trees outside the Quince office, now there's not a one to be found.

This is where it gets hard to narrow down my favorite things on Ravelry! There's just so much. Sweet fair isle hats (here and here), classic sweaters (here and here), and our dear friend Carrie Bostick Hoge has unleashed yet another stunning publication, Swoon Maine, with so many amazing new designs that I may just need to quit my job to make more time for knitting...(just kidding! you guys are stuck with me, sorry.)

Textures are what I'm craving right now for my needles: cables, lace, and cushy knit/purl combinations...

ravelry and instagram roundup1. Essential to Perfection by Hunter Hammersen in Finch Iceland.

ravelry and instagram roundup2. Tree shawl by Leila Raabe, from Swoon Maine, in Chickadee Audouin.

ravelry and instagram roundup3. Heirloom Cultivar shawl by Melissa Burke in Chickadee Apricot.

ravelry and instagram roundup4. Gray Street cowl by Elizabeth Smith in Puffin Kumlien's Gull, Kittywake, and Sabine.

ravelry and instagram roundup5. Peppermint and Pine Hat and Mitts set by Alicia Plummer in Osprey Audouin and Marsh. 

ravelry and instagram roundup6. Catenary hat by Erica-Knits in Puffin Egret.

ravelry and instagram roundup7. Late Frost Cowl (and hat, not shown) by Melissa Schaschwary in Osprey Iceland.

ravelry and instagram roundup8. Emily's Vest by Cecily Glowik MacDonald in Puffin Audouin.

ravelry and instagram roundup9. Tolovana by cabinfour in Osprey Petal.

And on instagram...I couldn't resist. As you can see above in the Ravelry portion of the roundup, our heathered wools are getting a lot of love right now. Here below is a tribute to gray, the color of many a day in our beloved New England home, and also the favorite color of many of the folks here at Quince:

ravelry and instagram roundup1. @leilaknitsme Florin triangle by Leila Raabe in Tern Stonington.

ravelry and instagram roundup2. @boutsdecerise Greenwood by Ann-Marie Jackson in Lark Kumlien's Gull.

ravelry and instagram roundup3. @youk3799 Bedford by Michele Wang in Lark Kumlien's Gull.

ravelry and instagram roundup4. @mwan15 Stonecutter by Michele Wang in what appears to be Lark Iceland.

ravelry and instagram roundup5. @knittingitup Furpom! And some Lark in Kittywake. Pretty sure I can see those four little plies in there. 

ravelry and instagram roundup6. @sannatti Gweneth by Cecily Glowik MacDonald in Finch Kumlien's Gull.

A couple of fun things happening on Ravelry right now...in the Quince group, we're hosting a "Kid-along", and any baby or kid pattern published by Quince is game! Read more here, or just jump on in here! It goes all the way to just after the new year.

And, something as dear to my heart as knitting (and music) is walking--designer Christina Campbell, aka The Healthy Knitter, is hosting a knit/walk-along, aimed at keeping our bodies as active as our needles! One of her KAL projects is a mystery piece in our very own Chickadee...head on over to her Ravelry group to learn more.

xoxo, jerusha

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