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Simple, warm and comfy—these Marlee socks by Deneise Kemp (cabinfour) are lovely.

Says Deneise:

I've knitted simple ribbed socks with my very favourite sock yarn, Chickadee. They were inspired by the happy spirit of my dear friend Marlee of Have Company. The socks are so cosy, with a generous length for that wonderfully relaxed, slouchy look that I so love. I knit them in your beautiful Chanterelle colourway because if you know Marlee at all, you know she's all about wearing pretty neutrals.

Soft and neutral or bold and bright—slouchy ribbed socks are simply perfect in any color.

More pretty socks by Deneise, clockwise from top left: Laule'a in Lark; Cream, Flower Child, and School Girl, all in Chickadee


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