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Mid-December, already? Knitters everywhere are furiously working away on their gift list projects. If you listen carefully, you might hear the crescendo of clicking needles and sighing. If cramped hands and blurry late-night eyes (never mind all those pesky daily tasks and responsibilities like work, school, eating, sleeping) are keeping you from getting where you want to be on your handmade gift checklist by this point, we have some ideas for you. Far from a consolation prize, if you find you simply won't have enough time—figuratively and literally—to wrap up a well-intentioned handmade gift, these are sure to be well received.

Some of them may even need to go on your own wish list with a wink and a nudge to anyone who may be having some trouble coming up with the perfect gift for their favorite knitter (hint: that's you!).

Today we highlight some of the goods we carry here at Quince & Co. in addition to our delectable yarn and patterns—items that are still chosen and crafted with a lot of thought and care, but are already finished and ready to go. And quite a few of them make perfect gifts specifically for knitters.

Woolens will thank you for conditioning them with lanolin-rich Twig & Horn wool soap. Also available in bar form.

Handwoven pillows by Herron in our very own Owl & Owl Tweet yarn are handmade luxury at its finest—two lovely styles to choose from.

Perfect stocking stuffers—it's nigh impossible to ever have too many stitch markers.

Twig & Horn mugs and pour-overs by ANK Ceramics—ideal together, but also available separately.

What better to tote around your wool project than in a wool tote—Twig & Horn gives you six colors to choose from. 

Never underestimate the usefulness of small things, like this Twig & Horn notions dish—a great way to keep stitch markers ready to grab as needed.

The perfect beginner's accompaniment to The Modern Natural Dyer, these limited edition Northwoods Hat kits are flying fast—cheerful yellow Weld is still in stock.

Essential to the knitter's arsenal—Twig & Horn's gauge ruler with needle gauge makes easy work of measuring.

Now available in three styles, Twig & Horn needle vases by ANK Ceramics are a beautiful way to stay organized.


Books are also great for giving: Pattern collections like Scarves, Etc. 4 or Pam Allen's Home; informative resources on techniques like Elizabeth Doherty's Top Down: Reimagining Set-In Sleeve Design; or recently-released Swoon: Maine, an ode to Carrie Bostick Hoge's home state (and also brimming with gorgeous knitting patterns), will always find a spot happily waiting for them on any wise knitter's shelf.

However the rest of the month's planning works out for you, we wish you the best of luck for your holiday gift giving!

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