preview: scarves, etc. 5

Our pattern sale on Scarves, Etc. collections continues—in case you missed it, check out Thursday's blog post looking back over the last four years of scarf-y, wooly warmth created by our guest designers. Due to popular demand, we've bundled the 2012 patterns into a single collection, so you can enjoy it in its entirety for the first time. Such fun to look back on these!

And even more fun? Looking ahead to what's next, now that we are well into 2016. This time around, we decided to go a little more in depth about each design—exactly what it was that drew us to include the pieces in this year's Scarves, Etc. lineup. In addition to that, the look book showcases a Q&A with each designer about their piece.

It was a treat for us to expand on the content in this way, and we hope it'll provide an added dimension to this year's crop of lovelies. A variety of styles, weights, and occasions are well and wonderfully covered. Below, a tiny taste of what's just over the horizon:

preview: scarves, etc. 5

We hope you enjoyed this peek into our next Scarves, Etc. collection! Are you ready? The collection is prepared for take-off, next week.

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