scarves, etc: a retrospective

Since 2012, Quince has released Scarves, Etc., an annual collection dedicated to scarves, cowls, and other neck-warming accessories for keeping cozy and knitting happy. We've had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful designers around the world, all of whom applied their unique talents to our yarns to create stunning pieces for these collections. To see the fruits of their work (and yours) proudly worn and shared across the knitting community is one of the very best things about what we do.

So let's celebrate: Beginning today, we're having a sale on all Scarves, Etc. pattern collections!

Below, we've highlighted a few fan favorites from our past collections—no small feat, as there were so many lovelies to choose from: 

Warble cowl in Chickadee by Bonnie Sennott, from Scarves, Etc. 2014

Waterscape shawl in Finch by Melanie Berg, from Scarves, Etc. 2014

Aviary cowl in Tern by Noriko Ho, from the Scarves, Etc. 4 (2015)

Iszara shawl in Finch by Melanie Berg, from Scarves, Etc. 2013

Piper's Journey in Chickadee by Paula Emons-Fuessle, from Scarves, Etc. 2012

February Scarf in Osprey by Beth Weaver, from Scarves, Etc. 2012

Netty cowl in Chickadee by Ien Sie, from Scarves, Etc. 2013

Wending in Owl by Quenna Lee, from Scarves, Etc. 4

Rayures in Finch by Amy Miller, from Scarves, Etc. 2012


Today through January 19, all Scarves, Etc. e-books are 20% off (and last year's Scarves, Etc. 4 print+e-book, 25% off) at If you've ever wanted to knit one or two of these, now is the time to grab a full collection. The advantage of e-books is that if, like me, you sometimes go back later on and find that a completely different one catches your eye, that pattern will already be in your possession, waiting for you and your needles.

Some handy collection links for you:

Scarves, Etc. 2012 (update: by popular demand, we've bundled these patterns into one discounted PDF!)

Scarves, Etc. 2013

Scarves, Etc. 2014

Scarves, Etc. 4 (2015)

Make sure to stay tuned for Saturday's blog, when we share a little bit about what's next in store!

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