birds of a feather

birds of a feather

There's always a ton of exciting things going on behind the scenes here at Quince & Co. Bringing our projects to fruition involves many months of planning, development, refinement, and the setting of each element into perfect place (then nudging again, just so…and yet again once more, if need be). It involves the work of many hands, and many determined minds, all dedicated to serving up no less than the very best of what we have to offer.

Introducing: The Quince Design Team

We’re thrilled to share today one very new, very big project for 2016 and beyond that has been in the works these past months: the inaugural Quince Design Team!

This year, we’ve teamed up with some of our favorite, extremely talented designers whom we feel express the Quince aesthetic so well and, it seems, so naturally—who bring to the table a depth of understanding and realization of the vision we have for our yarn and patterns—and who, it turns out, are a real pleasure to work with. Working in tandem with our in-house designers Pam Allen and Dawn Catanzaro, our design team members have produced some breathtaking creations for the year ahead.

Quince’s Spring/Summer 2016 collections are just over the horizon; each one is dedicated to designs for a specific yarn of ours. We'll introduce each member one by one over the next few weeks; today, we’d like to highlight just one of our team designers featured in the first of these collections, launching this month (stay tuned for more on that!).

Welcome Bristol Ivy!birds of a featherBristol is no stranger to Quince fans—a Maine local, she is the mastermind behind our Joni shawl, Dar cardigan, At the Lighthouse collection (all shown above), and many others. A prolific and well-loved designer in the knitting community, what we especially love about Bristol's work is her clever use of mathematical structure and shape to create uniquely-constructed, yet simple, knitted garments. Her way of looking at any given yarn and assessing its specific qualities of fiber, weight, and ideal types of projects for it is one of the (many) reasons we invited her to come on board for this year’s design team collections.

Thanks for joining the team, Bristol. We’re so glad to have you! Stay tuned for our next designer reveals...the party's just getting started.

For now, a sneak peek of the first of our design team collections, headed your way in just five short days:

birds of a feather

Have a great weekend, all!

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