ravelry and instagram roundup

ravelry and instagram roundup

Happy February, folks! Here in southern Maine, we are experiencing a very cold snap after some unusually warm winter weather. Winter with a capital "W" has finally arrived--I was surprised at how excited I was to be outside shoveling last week! The winter lighting combined with slightly longer days is uniquely February. Nothing better in winter than to wake up to a pastel sky and the sun shining over fresh snow.

Hope everyone's enjoying their knitting time! Right now I'm a quarter of a sleeve away from joining sleeves to body for Pam's Butte (dress length) in Puffin Aleutian, as part of our informal office Puffin dress KAL. I'm also very close to separating back and fronts on a Timberline (Jared Flood) for my husband in Lark Caspian, and let me tell you...I can't help stopping every few rows to admire the piece. The cables and Caspian are an amazing combination.

Being ensconced in deep winter and having substantial warm garments on the mind, my favorites for this month are an ode not only to sweaters (and neutrals apparently), but also to our core wool yarns. Though I dearly love all of our yarns, these are the ones I gravitate toward again and again, especially in winter.  Going back to our roots, friends!

Note that my Rav picks are almost all in Frost...like the sky on a snowy day...

ravelry and instagram roundup1. Lauren's Cardigan by Cecily Glowik MacDonald in Puffin Frost. ravelry and instagram roundup2. Apsara by yellowcosmo in Chickadee Frost. ravelry and instagram roundup3. Saturday in November by Nancy Eisman in Osprey Iceland.
ravelry and instagram roundup4. Walnut Cowichan by amirisu in Puffin Caspian--the colors aren't all listed, but to my eye it looks like Audouin, Aleutian, and Poppy or Winesap for the color work. Great combo! ravelry and instagram roundup5. Dipped by Justyna Lorkowska for Amirisu's Winter 2015 issue (#9), in Chickadee Frost and River.  ravelry and instagram roundup6. Kylie Cardigan by Ann Klimpert in Chickadee Frost, Bosc, Wasabi, Marsh, and Peacoat. Love the gradient stripes here.

And on Instagram, soft and squishy knits, in progress and finished:

ravelry and instagram roundup1. @waxandwool Oatmeal by Jane Richmond in Puffin Glacier. ravelry and instagram roundup2. @skrosenthal Wickerwork by Michele Wang in Osprey Iceland.  ravelry and instagram roundup3. @dana.barbieri Onward by Shannon Cook in Lark Glacier.
ravelry and instagram roundup4. @kasia_and Butte by Pam Allen in Puffin Twig. She joined our informal KAL and left us all in the dust! ravelry and instagram roundup5. @christina_badelma Camilla blanket by Carrie Bostick Hoge. ravelry and instagram roundup6. @tacacof Walnut Cowichan in Puffin...Storm, Caspian, Peaks Ferry, Audouin? 

Here's to winter knitting!

xoxo, jerusha

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