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We're bursting with excitement over the newest additions to our Owl palette: Introducing seven new shades for 2016: Mesa, Steppe, Lagoon, Straits, Taiga, and new undyed natural shades Togian and Bubo. The names for these rich, earthy dyed colors were inspired by the diverse geology of our beloved natural world (and the undyed shades, aptly, after species of owls).

Since Owl's debut in 2013 with 13 original colors, each new year has seen the palette blossom again. In May 2013, we added 6 soft colors; in February 2014, another 6 beauties joined the cast (along with the introduction of Owl's tweedy sister, Owl Tweet). In January 2015, lovely natural gray Albertine was added (which, just last month, we began offering in 100g Bare skeins for overdyeing).

With today's newest releases, Owl now has 33 charming shades to choose from. How about that! Our fuzzy bird has come a long way since we first introduced it to the world. We're so glad for it, and of course, we are overjoyed that you love it, too! We hope you enjoy working with these pretty new colors, and we can't wait to see what you make with them.

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